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Google Earth is one of the most ambitious developments made by Google. With this marvelous air viewer developed by the company 'Keyhole' you can see the whole world through images taken by satellite.

Google Earth uses fantastic 3D graphics technology and broadband connections to show the users any part of the world, be it his own house or that country he has always wanted to visit but never could.

Furthermore, you can change the map perspective at any time if you want to change the orientation or have a more realistic view. In addition, if your Android device allows it, you can see 3D images of some of the most emblematic places of important cities such as Madrid, New York or New Delhi.

One of the most useful functions is the one to show the roads and the names of the streets in the chosen villages so you can use the program as a street map and guide to plan your trips. A list of the most well-known restaurants of the area will also appear.

Google Earth is a very essential application that normally comes installed on all the Android devices. And that's good, because thanks to it it's possible to travel to any part of the world without even leaving your home.
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